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Dave Franco, you are fineeeee. 😍😍
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Custom Bouquet Painting - Kevin Bonaventura by SarahParkDesigns (200.00 USD) http://etsy.me/18XuxVG
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[ i l o v e w o r d s ]

This giveaway is being held on my blog at this link: 


I will be picking a winner for EACH item. 

I can only ship to the US, & only if you’re over 13!!! 


P.S. here are the items I’m giving away! 

So Worth Loving shirt - size medium

ONE gold sequin hanger - made by Pearls and Pastries on Etsy

a pair of gold glitter earrings by EarSugar on Etsy. 

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I’d leave this all behind, to just live that simple life.
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